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ETC Group

ETC Group is a joint venture of Polish and German companies operating in the area of telecommunications and industry, as well as advanced additives for ceramic industry.
The roots of the ETC Group go back to 1986, when the ETC Trading Corporation KG was founded.
Currently the ETC Group consists of the following companies: ETC Trading KG, Telzas Sp. z o.o., ETC Plus SA, ETC Power and several other cooperating companies.
Our advantages are:
  • over 26 years of experience on markets of Poland, Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Greece, Romania, Ukraine, Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia,
  • over 50 thousand reference sites in telecommunication, energetics, industry and public infrastructure,
  • technological partners: Exide Technologies, Emerson, Ferro and many others...
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Alishah Ranjbaryan
ETC President

ETC KG; Germany (Ahrensburg)
ETC Group Headquarter

International trade: industrial batteries, uninterruptible power supply systems, chemistry, ceramic Ferro.
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ETC Power; Afghanistan (Kabul)

Uninterruptible power supply systems, solar systems for telecommunication and irrigation applications. Design, production, trade, logistics and service.
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Telzas Sp. z o.o.; Poland (Szczecinek)

Telecommunication power supply systems. Cooling and ventilation systems. Remote monitoring and management systems of telecommunication and energy technical infrastructure. Design, production, trade, logistics and service.
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ETC Plus SA; Poland (Ostrowiec)

Uninterruptible power supply systems for energetics and industry, industrial batteries for telecommunication, energetics, industry, transport and building automation GNB Industrial Power. Design, production, trade, logistics and service.
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ETC Green Power; UAE (Dubai)

Technical and commercial agency. Industrial batteries, guaranteed power supply systems, Ferro ceramic chemistry. Technical and commercial representation of ETC Group companies on the Middle East and Africa markets.
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